I’ve been reading Tarot for over 20 years, and I’ve been reading energy since I was a kid.


Geology of the Soul Tarot

With an Aries sun, Cancer moon, and Leo rising, I’m an honest AF, sailor-mouthed, feisty, goofy, and fiercely non-judgmental juxtaposition of fire and water.

(And yes, that’s a selfie. I don’t have any professional shots. Any Tucson-based photographers up for trade??)

I receive information from the energetic realm(s) a few different ways:

  • Claircognizance: Clear knowing. This happens a lot! Information just pops into my head.

  • Clairsentience: Clear feeling. Oy vey. When I can FEEL the three of swords slicing through your heart. This can get intense. This is also the way I most often receive information. You’ll see me sit up in my chair and begin to embody a certain motion that is indicative of whatever it is we’re talking about. Charades FTW!

  • Clairgustance: Clear tasting. Everyone’s energy signature has a different taste to me. You’ll hear me talk about how your energy, or your spirit guides’ energies taste! Chocolate cake? Raspberry slushy?

  • Channeling: On occasion, there is some sort of sentient something-or-other in the energetic realm that has a message for you, and I become the conduit. Sometimes it’s a deceased relative and sometimes it’s a spirit guide. When this happens, listen up and take notes! I don’t always remember what I say, since it’s not “me” speaking.

  • Other clairs: Very rarely, I get information via clairalience (clear smelling: the cigarettes my grandma smoked; certain perfumes) or clairaudience (clear hearing: I actually literally hear a voice—your uncle, your girlfriend). It’s always interesting to me when this happens!

I love reading energy. I come away from readings with energy and joy, even the tough readings. Why? Because knowledge is power. When you know and understand what’s going on, you can make better decisions moving forward; you learn how you have the power in your life, and how to use it. And I get to help you do that?! Sweet!!

In addition to being an intuitive energy reader, I’m a writer, a witch, a devotee of Hekate, dog mom to two rescue chihuahuas, and human mom to one teenage son. You’ll often find me on weekends working at The Ninth House, a local metaphysical shop here in Tucson.