Angie Brown Reiter - Tarot Reader and Soul Coach

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Geology of the Soul founder and psychic queer witch Angie Brown Reiter brings you hard-hitting truth bombs while cheerleading you on to your empowered best.

Angie is a Tarot reader and soul coach with a background in event planning, project management, and education. She loves the liminal and paradoxes, talking to spirits, snuggling her doggies, and holding space for her clients. Angie is an Aries sun with a Cancer moon and Leo rising. True to her dramatic chart, she loves tattoos and adding to her growing collection.

She’s especially excited for her upcoming group coaching packages, including Intuition 101, Witchcraft 101, and a subversive Thanksgiving-themed Kitchen Witchin’ 101.

She’s stoked to offer new mini coaching subscription packages!

Courses Offered by Angie