1,380 Miles Away

I can hear the raindrops on the roof tonight. It started with a few consistent notes, and now is a cacophony of insistent noise.

I talked to my best cis male friend tonight (BFF, former LTR). He’d never heard of U-hauling. He didn’t know that was a thing. He didn’t understand how distance—removing the potential of U-hauling—could be a good thing. He didn’t get how you could “get” someone so fast. Even someone who lived 1000s miles away. (Clearly, he’s not queer.)

I talked to my cis male son tonight. He has been fascinated by crystals and stones and correspondences and how he could meditate in a way that would help him feel better. I introduced the tarot to him today, even though he’s a “science” kid.

My (cis male) BFF said: Why the tarot, though? (As though there was something wrong.) And *how’d* you meet someone in Portland?!

I said: Because symbolism. And love. And @_personals_ . (As though nothing was wrong.)

He (BFF): Huh?!

He (son): This makes so much sense; can we talk some more, Mom?! The meditation was so good!

Me: Yes. So much yes.

Also, me: I’m totally falling for someone who lives 1,380 miles away.