See ya later, alligator! Card of the Week: Three of Wands


I’m writing this on an airplane, flying over California somewhere. I had an amazing 10 of Coins week in Portland, Oregon, and it’s time to return to my home and routine. We talked a bit last week about the 10 of Coins and its representation of wealth: Wealth isn’t just about finances and materiality. Wealth can also be found in the stability of a solid relationship (also coin/pentacle-related themes!). I got to spend much-needed time with my long-distance girlfriend, watering the wildflower garden of our relationship, growing deeper roots, and nurturing “us.”

Our card this week is another three, like our first card of the week two weeks ago. This time, it’s the Three of Wands. Threes like to talk about the people around us, the support systems and community.  In Paulina Cassidy’s Joie de Vivre deck, we see three sunny-like companions flying about our fairy, who is looking over her shoulder at us as she takes off. (BTW, how the hell do you phonetically pronounce Joie de Vivre?!)

I love the suit of wands—the sparking, electrical, and fiery nature appeals to my Aries sun and Leo Rising (both astrological fire signs). This card is talking to us at Geology of the Soul Tarot about how we’re in the starting stages of this journey; we’ve got energy to put into marketing and blogging and instagramming and following other awesome accounts and building the amazing community I’m envisioning. 


New Moon in Capricorn plus a partial eclipse

Astrological Energy for the Week

Three of Wands is a powerful combination with our new moon in Capricorn that will occur on Saturday evening (Arizona time). Not only is New moon energy a great time to do banishment work and to focus our energies on that which needs to be released and let go, this month it’s also paired with a partial solar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse will AMPLIFY everything going on astrologically right now.

Additionally, Capricorn is an earth sign (stable, grounded—the opposite of movement!) ruled by Saturn, whom I’ve always envisioned as this stern schoolmaster intent on making sure we are earnestly and diligently working our hardest. In addition to the moon, Mercury and the Sun are also in Capricorn on Saturday, really bringing that determined focus to planning for the new year.

So this is a powerful new moon that focuses on new beginnings and goal- and intention-setting, or separating the wheat from the chaff, before taking off on that Three of Wands journey.

To add more fun, Mars is currently in Aries (till February 14). Mars rules Aries, and being in its home sign brings more passion and motivation. If you look up your natal chart on, you can see which house of yours is ruled by Aries. Even if you don’t have any planets in those houses, the themes of that house (or houses) is where you will feel the extra passion (and, honestly, potential aggression/irritation!) for the next few weeks. Given that Wands, too, are ruled by that same fire, you can think about how to apply this card to that area of your life.

So how can we harness this energy this week? (Or, as Spirit Daughter put it, “How do we want to ride this wave?!”)


On Saturday evening (the new moon):

I’m going to do some of my favorite magick, #mundanemagick (a topic I’ll be leading discussions on each Monday starting this January in The Witches’ Realm) to focus on putting together the bullet journal I’ll use for this semester. I can keep my schedule, date plans, and a ton of lists all in the same place. In essence, I keep my brain in the journal and take it everywhere with me! This is a great way to use that disciplined Capricorn energy to propel that Three of Wands energy. 

When working on the journal, I’ll have an earthy, focused incense or essential oil going (frankincense is a favorite of mine, and one I’m not allergic to, yay!), along with a candle—probably black, to reinforce the idea of “letting go” of the thoughts, ideas, or parts that don’t serve me. This will give me time to FOCUS the Three of Wands energy into a specific way forward. 

I will also set out in my window my Tarot decks, crystals, and jewelry that has new-moon-type energy so it can bathe in the dark moon and recharge.

Also on the new moon, I like to observe Deipnon:

This comes from the Greek tradition of honoring Hekate on the dark moon by leaving offerings at a crossroads.

I take the leftover detritus from my altar (used incense, burned sage ashes, etc.) and take it to where my front walkway meets the road. I have a small, tucked-away spot under a tree where I can spread this (biodegradable!) offering. On occasion, I’ll add plants with Hekatean energy, such as garlic (or leftover garlic skins) or dandelion. Some people like to leave honey cakes. I get a little worried about the wildlife in my urban neighborhood (coyotes and rabbits, along with feral cats), so I prefer not to leave food offerings. On occasion, I offer up a behavior instead. For instance, the first month I ever observed Deipnon/honored Hekate, I gave up checking my phone while in the car. I kept it tucked away in my purse, even at loooong-ass street lights. This was the sacrifice needed to show my commitment to this energy. Contact me directly for more details on this interesting experience!

Each month, I include words of gratitude for this energy that manifests in my life and I take a few moments of silence. 


When the new moon sliver just begins showing, I observe Noumenia:

This is a beautiful time to start working new beginnings magick. This is Three of Wands energy. 

Noumenia falls on Sunday, Jan. 6, this month, while the moon is still in Capricorn. 

My ritual for Noumenia will probably include a ritual bath to cleanse the previous month’s energy and prepare for this month (starting a new semester, a new year, a new month, etc.). 

I’ll include a white candle representing the waxing moonlight and forward movement, and probably burn some cinnamon incense for it’s bright, fiery, protective, and progressive energies. 

Do you observe the new moon, Deipnon and/or Noumenia, even with just lighting a candle? What sort of magick might you work on this new moon?