The number one question I’m asked:

How do I become more intuitive and reconnect to or develop my psychic senses?


So many of my clients come to me asking for advice on how to build their intuition, psychic, and/or spiritual gifts. Maybe we experienced something when we were a kid that freaked us out, so we shut ourselves down. Or maybe, like me, you entered a phase in your adult life where you thought you had to be “rational” and “logical,” and so you pushed your gifts way deep down.

The good news? It’s not gone. Anyone can build their intuition muscle.

The not-so-good news? It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience.

Mostly, though? It takes time.

I believe in you!

I believe fiercely that everyone can be—IS—intuitive. Everything on this planet is constantly emitting energetic frequencies; it’s up to us to learn how to tune in to hear those frequencies.

And most often, it’s not our brain that picks up the frequencies. It’s our physical and psychic/energetic bodies. We’ve been trained in our society to ignore our body cues in favor of our brains. This is a biiiiig problem.

To be intuitive is to be embodied.

A lot of us, especially those of us who are drawn to witchcraft, have had some pretty shitty experiences in our bodies. We don’t like our bodies. We don’t want to BE in our bodies.

I get it. I most certainly did not want to be in my body. My body was a place of fear. Some of the metaphors I used over the years included: toilet paper that other people wiped their shit on, a decorative couch that’s only purpose was to support others and look pretty, a meat suit, and more. To be in my body was to be unsafe.

And I’m willing to bet you tend to feel the same way.

Join me on a journey to build your intuition.

We’re gonna make it safe. We’re gonna do that with micro steps—not just baby steps, but steps that are even smaller. We are going to build a foundation for you that will become unshakeable.

We're going to build a daily practice. This daily practice is the core reason why I am where I am today as a psychic witch, metaphysical educator, and Tarot reader. My mentor, Cyndi Brannon, calls it the "Witches' Hour of Power."

But It doesn’t have to an hour, by any means. In fact, I’m probably going to have you start with 30-60 seconds daily.

Yes, only one minute.

Why? Because the goal is long-term daily practice. If you jump right in to setting aside an hour a day, you’re going to give up. Your energy work—and likely your self-care—muscles are gonna get tired. You’re going to stop. Or you’ll feel like putting an hour a day into your witchcraft is too much, so you won’t even start.

I’m gonna make it so you have no excuse, ‘kay?


Let’s do this.