It's GO time

King of Wands: Go Time!

We may not have hit Leo Season yet — July 31/Aug 1 will contain the new moon in Leo, along with the Sun and Venus in Leo, woo hoo! — but it’s time to shine for me.

Fire of Inner Truth candle from the Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar RitualCraft Series this summer.

Fire of Inner Truth candle from the Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar RitualCraft Series this summer.

I have officially notified the university at which I was a grad student in English Literature that I will not be returning in the fall. I am grateful and honored to have been selected as part of their small incoming cohort last year; however, in the past year, I learned that grad school is not the place for me.

(Surprising, I know.)

I adore school. I adore teaching. I adore learning. I do not adore academia.

I do not adore teaching privileged rich white kids.

(Although I do like attempting to open their minds.)

I am not interested in grooming my brain to think in a particular manner; I want to think in an interdisciplinary way. I wanted to explore how different themes, eras, histories, peoples, genders, and sexualities intersect and relate, specifically through the written and/or spoken word. English Lit was not the place to do that, at least, at the University to which I belonged.

After dancing in the rain

After dancing in the rain

So, now what?

While I am sad to no longer call myself a grad student, I am incredibly excited to see where the Universe takes me on this new adventure. For some time now, I’ve been receiving messages that I was to be focusing more of my time on Geology of the Soul and that I had additional healing to do for myself so that I could provide a safe place for and empower others to heal themselves.

This summertime healing has taken the form of numerous candle magick spells, dances out in the rain and under the stars, meditations and holotropic breath work, and deepening friendships.

Fall Offerings

Moving forward, you can expect weekly blog posts, continuing daily live broadcasts on Facebook that are uploaded to IGTV, reading availability, and courses and workshops, both online and in-person.

I do weekly FREE live gallery readings on Wednesday evenings at 6pm PST in The Witches’ Realm, a Facebook group where I am a moderator. Apply to join the Realm today!

I’m currently preparing to offer the following this fall (SQUEEE!!):

  • Intuition 101, July 31 to Sept. 13: a six-week online course with weekly webinars and daily homework to help you become better connected to your body and your spirit guides - REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW!

  • Witchcraft 101, from Aug. 14 to Sept. 13: a four-week intro course to witchcraft with weekly webinars and regular homework that will culminate in a full-moon spell-casting session with the group - Early bird reservation is will be open soon!

  • Kitchen Witchery 101, an afternoon workshop you can sign up for after Witchcraft 101 that will include a few bonus handouts and tips, along with one webinar

  • Thanksgiving-themed Kitchen Witchin’ course, where we’ll look at magicking up our (American) Thanksgiving feasts

  • Cord Cutting, a special workshop around cutting those persistent cords that keep us tethered to old ways of thinking, toxic relationships, and/or unhealthy coping mechanisms

  • Witchy Book Club

  • Gallery Readings, my favorite form of readings!

All courses and workshops include admission to my private “Geology of the Soul Witchery” Facebook group, where I host a live one-hour Sunday School chat at 8:30am PST on witchy topics, including astrology, spells, organization, book of shadows, altars, and more.

You will also be able to find me at The Ninth House Shop, a local metaphysical store run by an amazing witch, friend, and coven-mate, Melisa.


Additionally, I will be traveling throughout the summer and fall; you can book an in-person reading with me in Atlanta or Portland! More dates and travel locations will be coming soon.

  • July 18-21: Mystic South in Atlanta, GA. I am a part of the Keeping Her Keys team, which includes my mentor Cyndi Brannon and dear friend Serendipity Wyrd. We’ll be doing a live Hekatean ritual, selling KHK merchandise, and be available for readings.

  • August 21-27: Portland, OR. Set up a time to read with me in Portland! I’ll be visiting my girlfriend, and hopefully teaching a workshop while I’m there. Interested in collaborating with me while I’m in town? Send me an email!