Calling all Witches: Tarot + Self-Care

Join me on a self-care journey through the Major Arcana this winter. I'm working on the e-book now and am SO EXCITED!!!

This course has:
🚫No homework required
🕯14 rituals you can do (one per week)--now or later!
🔮Four live webinars with Angie, including two with free readings for everyone!
📖Brand-new e-book with all original content
🌝Safe haven for witchy support through the holidaze

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Witch Envy: The second most-asked question I get

After clients and students have finished asking me how they can reconnect to or develop their psychic spider-senses, they often follow up with something along the lines of, “Well, you make it look so easy!”

Or maybe someone in a course I’m leading notices that everyone else experiences energetic signatures in a really cool way, and they don’t:

“I must not be psychic. I don’t see [colors] [animals] [spirits] [smoke] [things that go boo in the night],” says a student.

Or “It’s not fair. How come I can’t [insert whatever here],” says another.

Baby Angie back in the day.

Dude. It took me 20 years of Tarot reading, 17 years of trauma, 15 years of therapy, 10 years of repression, 2 years of active witchcraft, and a helluva mother wound to get to where I am today. My six-week course on intuition isn’t gonna get you there—although it can be an important first step.

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The number one question I’m asked:

So many of my clients come to me asking for advice on how to build their intuition, psychic, and/or spiritual gifts. Maybe we experienced something when we were a kid that freaked us out, so we shut ourselves down. Or maybe, like me, you entered a phase in your adult life where you thought you had to be “rational” and “logical,” and so you pushed your gifts way deep down.

The good news? It’s not gone. Anyone can build their intuition muscle.

The not-so-good news? It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience.

Mostly, though? It takes time.

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