Such News! Much Wow!

Holy shit, y'all!

Geology of the Soul is no longer simply Angie Brown Reiter. We are a collective of amazing witches bringing you awesomeness!! There are now four of us--count it, FOUR!--working to empower you to be your best self.

Angie introduced Fox, our amazing admin assistant, last week on social media. This week, we are bringing you NEW READERS!

Angie is so excited to bring these readers to you. They are just as talented, insightful, joyful, silly, truth-telling, and supportive as she is.

Magick-maker and creatrix Serendipity Wyrd brings you Tarot, Rune, and Animal Spirit Ally readings. Book a reading with Serendipity through the end of September and receive a FREE RebelDeck reading: it's the (foul-mouthed) truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Talented newcomer Sandy Zintz brings affordable 15- and 30-minute Tarot and Oracle readings. Book a reading with Sandy through the end of September and receive an additional free Oracle reading from her uber-talented 7yo daughter. (Seriously. Phiona's the bomb.)

In the meantime, Angie put together an awesome mini coaching subscription package.

Get to know us more in-depth, and book a reading while you’re at it!

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