Calling all Witches: Tarot + Self-Care

Join me on a self-care journey through the Major Arcana this winter. I'm working on the e-book now and am SO EXCITED!!!

This course has:
🚫No homework required
🕯14 rituals you can do (one per week)--now or later!
🔮Four live webinars with Angie, including two with free readings for everyone!
📖Brand-new e-book with all original content
🌝Safe haven for witchy support through the holidaze

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Badass Self-Love September Has Kicked My Ass

badass self-love September-FINAL.png

I’ve heard from a number of you that this challenge has kicked our collective asses. The team at Geology of the Soul (affectionately known as GotS)—Angie (me), Serendipity Wyrd, Ma’at, and Fox—were not quite expecting such an ass-kicking. It’s been rough—in a good way. Sort of.

Check out Serendipity Wyrd’s journey to non-binary self-love, Ma’at’s journey to a deeper understanding of herself—and her daughter Phiona (don’t miss Fridays with Phiona!), and Fox’s written musings to see how this challenge has kicked all of our asses. You can also search #geologyofthesoul on instagram to see what other folks posted.

Taking Action as a Sovereign Witch

As a result of this thought-provoking challenge, I am realizing that I have to make a few personal changes. Over in The Witches’ Realm, we talk a LOT about sovereignty. Sovereignty and self-love go hand-in-hand to me. If I don’t have self-love, I won’t take sovereign actions. So here are the action items I have assigned myself (can’t take the coach outta me, ha!):

  1. I will begin to say “yes” selectively. In the last five months, I’ve found myself overcommitted on more than one occasion. It doesn’t feel good—for me or for others. To keep my integrity intact and keep my word to others, I will be careful in saying yes. This means I can only commit to one event per weekend!

  2. I am moving all paid courses, coaching, etc., off of Facebook. Facebook is a time-suck, not to mention a platform that seems to exist only to glean information for advertisers. Geology of the Soul is joining the Open Circle Institute, run by my mentor Cyndi Brannen, on the Mighty Networks. I will retain GotS’s free group, GotS Tarot Mentorship, on Facebook.

  3. I am ending my personal daily lives in favor of a weekly live (well, live for now…this may change to a pre-recorded show that can become a podcast as well…). I will likely do the weekly lives on the GotS YouTube channel (again, moving away from the Facebook platform).

These three action items are ways that I can stay true to my values: integrity, kindness, and passion.


And most importantly, this next week and a half? I’m going on vacation. I’m leaving on Wednesday and I’ll be back the following week. I am not taking any bookings, and I will not be on social media very often. There will likely be pictures, LOTS of pictures, but otherwise—I’m gonna go spend time with my wife-to-be.

Continuing the Momentum

I also realized that self-love and self-care is SO DIFFICULT to maintain. AND we have the holidays coming?! Yikes. So to keep me—and you!—on the self-care track, I’ve developed a three-month Tarot & Self-Care Group Coaching package. It’s designed for us to identity, develop, and maintain lasting self-care tools and skills. Join me as we explore self-care through the lens of the Tarot’s Major Arcana.