Witch Envy: The second most-asked question I get

After clients and students have finished asking me how they can reconnect to or develop their psychic spider-senses, they often follow up with something along the lines of, “Well, you make it look so easy!”

Or maybe someone in a course I’m leading notices that everyone else experiences energetic signatures in a really cool way, and they don’t:

“I must not be psychic. I don’t see [colors] [animals] [spirits] [smoke] [things that go boo in the night],” says a student.

Or “It’s not fair. How come I can’t [insert whatever here],” says another.

Baby Angie back in the day.

Dude. It took me 20 years of Tarot reading, 17 years of trauma, 15 years of therapy, 10 years of repression, 2 years of active witchcraft, and a helluva mother wound to get to where I am today. My six-week course on intuition isn’t gonna get you there—although it can be an important first step.

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