Witchcraft 101

What, exactly, IS witchcraft?!

As you may often hear, there are as many opinions as there are witches. I use the general definition that witchcraft is a set of energetic tools and skills we can use to manipulate the energy around us toward a specific outcome.

(In other words, witchcraft is not a religion. There are Wiccan witches, Christian witches, Atheist witches, Hellenistic witches, Jewish witches, Agnostic witches, etc. I welcome all.)

Witchcraft is…

What is witchcraft

But where do you BEGIN? It’s one thing to write your intentions every full or new moon (and YES, this is important and powerful!), and it’s another to do a full-on spell. In my experience as a moderator and council member in the popular Facebook group The Witches’ Realm, I’ve come to realize that folks love the idea of magick and witchery—but y’all just don’t know where to begin. Crystals? Tools? Books? Gah!

To help folks figure it all out, I ran a series called “Witchcraft 101” in The Realm this past spring, and now I’ve taken that basic information and turned it into a full-on, four-week online course.

Join me!

Come join me on a monthlong journey where you can begin to learn about:

  • The four elements (just where did they come from, anyway?)

  • Tools and supplies crucial to have on hand, and whether you need to spend a lot of money on these (hint: nope!)

  • Books that can help

  • Typical household items every witch keeps in their cupboard

  • How to create a STRONG intention

  • How to actually cast a spell

  • What to do after you’ve cast a spell

  • How to live a witchy life everyday

Register today to begin on Friday, September 13

Yes, soon! We’ll go from the Pisces Full Moon in September to the Aries Full Moon in October (and once you’ve taken this course, you’ll understand what I just said and why it’s important!). Join me and other new witches to start YOUR personal journey toward a more empowered life.