Tarot & Self-Care for the Holidays Group Coaching Package - One-Time Payment

Copy of Intuition 101 Product - Group Coach-3.png
Copy of Intuition 101 Product - Group Coach-3.png

Tarot & Self-Care for the Holidays Group Coaching Package - One-Time Payment


Self-care is challenge for us year-round, and then you add the holidays? It’s freaking hard, y’all.

So this year, Angie decided to offer a three-month witchy & tarot-themed self-care group coaching package. To continue on our September theme of badass self-love, let’s gift ourselves the grace and space to care for ourselves this holiday season.

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What this package IS NOT:

  • A course with homework where you are actively trying to learn something

  • Another obligation

  • Based in Facebook, because let’s face it: FB is stressful enough year-round—let’s gather in a place that is easier and mentally safer!

What this course IS:

  • A safe haven for witchy support

  • A place to find tips, tricks, and techniques for easy-to-implement, practical, and guilt-free self-care

  • Located on the Mighty Networks platform as a part of the Open Circle Institute led by Dr. Cyndi Brannen, Angie’s mentor

  • A gift for yourself

The Details

This group coaching package will run from the October full moon (Oct. 13) to the January full moon (Jan. 10, 2020). This gives us time to:

  1. Be like the Magician: Think about and prepare a witchy self-care “toolkit” tailored to our lives

  2. Understand the energies of the High Priestess and Empress: Begin to create daily self-care habits (attached to current habits, so it doesn’t feel like you are trying to do too much!)

  3. Create community through the energy of The Lovers: Develop relationships and a support network within yourself AND others in the group

  4. Set yourself up to step through the threshold of The World: Implement lasting self-care practices that can be continued year-round

We will accomplish this through:

  • Four webinars, all at 6pm PST on Tuesday evenings

    • Oct 15: The Fool. Kick-off with one-card readings for everyone! Where should you focus YOUR self-care for the holidays?

    • Nov 12: The Lovers. How do we maintain self-care when we're around our families of origin or other folks?

    • Dec 10: Death. In what ways have you changed and transformed through these self-care habits? How will you relate differently to your family this Christmas/Yule/Solstice?

    • Jan 14: The World. Wrap-up with one-card readings for everyone! Where you should focus your self-care moving forward into spring?

  • A group coaching Mighty Network page 

    • Weekly themed discussions about self-care, through the lens of the Tarot's Major Arcana to help you develop your own toolkit

    • Tipsheets, tricks, and techniques

    • Opportunities to ask questions and seek/provide support from/for others

The Investment

  • $111 if you pay upfront

  • $40 per month as a payment plan, for a total of $120

If you choose to purchase via THIS PAGE, you are purchasing the $109.99 one-time payment. Head over here if you want to choose the three-month payment plan.