Are you interested in building your intuition?

Are you ready to create space in your life for a (super brief) daily practice?

Let me know. I'm developing materials for a three-month intuition course. I'd love some guinea pigs. I'm willing to offer this three-month course for what I believe will end up being 1/3 of the initial final price: $25.

For $25 and a 3-month commitment, I'll walk you through developing your intuition. I'll also ask you to fill out surveys along the way about what works and what doesn't work, so I can fine-tune my materials.

My preference would be to work with folks I've previously read for, as I already know your energy and what you are seeking to do, but I'm open to accepting folks I haven't read for.


For all three months, pay only $25. You’ll receive guidance, support, and an individualized plan.

3 months

You must commit to all three months.


I’m looking for feedback! In addition to guidance, support, and an individualized plan, I will include surveys to gauge what you have learned, how you have grown, and ways that I can improve the materials.