Ma’at, Tarot and Oracle Reader


Talented newcomer Ma’at brings affordable 15- and 30-minute Tarot, Lenormand, Animal, and Oracle card readings.

Ma’at is a devotee of Hekate and has chosen to honor the goddess Ma'at by taking Her name as her spiritual name. Since becoming a student of Angie's, Fenrir has made himself known to Ma’at (and Angie!). Sandy has been reading Tarot cards for a year. She also reads Oracle and Lenormand cards, and has branched out to Animal Spirit cards. She is a Pisces and a mother to three witchy kids.

In her free time, she enjoys practicing Tarot with her kids, one of whom is a 7yo amazing oracle reader. Ma’at puts the "craft" in witchcraft and has many hobbies that allow her to express her creative energy.

Book a reading with Ma’at through the end of September and receive an additional free Oracle reading from her uber-talented 7yo daughter. (Seriously. Phiona's the bomb.)