Type of Reading

I am an intuitive energy reader. The tool I use most often to tap into Source is the Tarot. But I will often begin receiving messages even before the cards are dealt. Sometimes, a departed loved one will come through. Mostly, I speak with your spirit guides. The energy reading you receive will be unique to your energy signature.

Energy Exchange

I do not provide free readings. An energetic exchange is important—intuitive reading takes time, energy, and effort on my part. As money is our current form of value, I charge a cost for each reading.

How it Works

I provide both written and in-person readings. In-person readings may take place via video chat on Facebook, Instagram, or zoom, or in person in Tucson, AZ.

To book a written reading, which does not require scheduling a specific time, head on over to my GeologyoftheSoul Etsy Shop!

To book an in-person reading in Tucson, AZ, or via video chat, keep scrolling…