Stories are spells…

As a “literary witch,” I tell stories. Words are power; stories are spells. Reading Tarot cards opens me up to the energetic realm and helps me to see the layered strata of your history and helps you to understand why you are feeling/ acting/ creating/ avoiding in the way you are. Together, we can weave new stories and beginnings for the life you truly want to live.

I am available for in-person readings in Tucson, Arizona. I do not provide free readings. An energetic exchange is important—reading Tarot takes time, energy, and effort on my part. As money is our current form of value, I charge a cost for each reading.

For a remote reading, we begin with payment. When paying, indicate the type of reading you are seeking and your preferred method of communication (email, FB messenger, Instagram, etc.). Within 24 hours, I will contact you to initiate the reading.

Weather Forecast Reading

  • $15

  • Around 15 minutes and usually 3 cards, although I will often pull more to help with clarity.

  • What’s the temperature? What’s on the radar for you?

Map Reading

  • $30

  • Around 30 minutes and usually 6-10 cards.

  • Let’s take a look at your internal map. Where are you right now? Why? Where do you want to go? What’s the best way to get there?

  • This session is great for specific questions.

Excavation Reading

  • $50

  • Around 45-60 minutes and usually 10+ cards.

  • Let’s dig waaaaay deep down to the bedrock of your soul. Examine the fossils embedded down there. Learn about the foundations of YOU and how best to move forward given your energy, personality, and history.

  • Make sure you eat and drink lots of water both before and after this reading; shit’s gonna get real.

Reading at Events/Parties

Sure, I’ll come read at your party! Tucson only.

  • $60 per hour for unlimited one-card readings for your guests.

  • Want to arrange for something different? One large reading for everyone? Some sort of family reading? Talk to me!

Other Readings

  • Want a birthday reading? A new year reading? A couples reading or a family reading?

  • Contact me – let’s discuss!