Mini Coaching Subscription Package

2019-07-02 07.25.36-1.jpg
2019-07-02 07.25.36-1.jpg

Mini Coaching Subscription Package

22.00 every month 33.00 every month

Want a coaching package but can’t afford it? Not sure about coaching and want to dip your toe in? Sign up for the mini coaching package with Angie!

Only $22 per month if you sign up before September 30, 2019!

What you get, on or near the full moon each month:

  • A personalized two- to three-card written reading

  • A pre-reading worksheet to follow up on the previous month's reading

  • A post-reading worksheet to help keep your goal(s) in sight!


Did You Know?

Monthly coaching starts at $222 per month.

This offer gives you a taste of Angie’s coaching for a fraction of the price!

Small Print!

The introductory price is good through December of 2020. The cost to sign up after September 2019 will increase.