Subscription: Soul Purpose Reading with Angie

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Subscription: Soul Purpose Reading with Angie

33.00 every month

Are you feeling called to a higher purpose, but you can’t quite identify it?

Astrologically, the planets have been and continue to move into a place that is asking us to dig deeper. Many of us are questioning whether we are on the right path, or we know we aren’t—but we can’t identify where we WANT to be.

Using the “Work Your Light” oracle deck in conjunction with a Tarot deck, Angie will work with you to determine your Soul Purpose. We’ll figure out where you need to be focusing your attention, and then, in true Angie fashion, figure out some small actionable steps that will help you begin the process to get your life in alignment with your soul.

This may be conducted via written reading OR in person. Please indicate in the check-out process how you would like to proceed.

This reading unlocks Soul Purpose Coaching, an opportunity to work with Angie to determine your actionable next steps and stay accountable on our path to making lasting change.


Soul Purpose Coaching

This reading has an added bonus of unlocking Soul Purpose coaching with Angie. If you decide you’d like a Soul Coach to help you reach your Soul’s potential, Angie will set you up with a three-month package and waive the $50 registration fee. Coaching packages are highly customizable and vary in pricing.

Coaching includes:

  • Determining your goals and action items

  • Weekly accountability check-ins to ensure you are staying on track and building consistency

  • Angie’s cheerleading, tips, and witchy ideas throughout the week

  • Monthly in-person sessions

  • BONUS: Access to WitchSpark, the Geology of the Soul Facebook group focused on witchery, with regular discussion posts and weekly Sunday School discussing a variety of witchy topics