Tarot + Self-Care for the Holidays


Self-care is challenge for us year-round, and then you add the holidays? It’s freaking hard, y’all.

So let’s gift ourselves the grace and space to care for ourselves this holiday season.

What this course IS:

  • A safe haven for witchy support

  • A place to find tips, tricks, and techniques for easy-to-implement, practical, and guilt-free self-care

  • Located on the Mighty Networks platform as a part of the Open Circle Institute led by Dr. Cyndi Brannen, Angie’s mentor

  • A gift for yourself

What this course is NOT:

  • A course with homework where you are actively trying to learn something

  • Another obligation

  • Based in Facebook, because let’s face it: FB is stressful enough year-round—let’s gather in a place that is easier and mentally safer!

This group coaching package will run from about the October full moon to about the January full moon.

This gives us time to:

  • Be like the Magician:

    • Think about and prepare a witchy self-care “toolkit” tailored to our lives

  • Understand the energies of the High Priestess and Empress:

    • Begin to create daily self-care habits (attached to current habits, so it doesn’t feel like you are trying to do too much!)

  • Create community through the energy of The Lovers:

    • Develop relationships and a support network within yourself AND others in the group

  • Set yourself up to step through the threshold of The World:

    • Implement lasting self-care practices that can be continued year-round

We will do this with:

A group coaching Mighty Network page

  • Weekly themed discussions about self-care, through the lens of the Tarot's Major Arcana to help you develop your own toolkit

  • Tipsheets, tricks, and techniques

  • Opportunities to ask questions and seek/provide support from/for others

Four webinars, all at 6pm PST on Tuesday evenings

  • Oct 15: The Fool. Kick-off with one-card readings for everyone! Where should you focus YOUR self-care for the holidays?

  • Nov 12: The Lovers. How do we maintain self-care when we're around our families of origin or other folks?

  • Dec 10: Death. In what ways have you changed and transformed through these self-care habits? How will you relate differently to your family this Christmas/Yule/Solstice?

  • Jan 14: The World. Wrap-up with one-card readings for everyone! Where you should focus your self-care moving forward into spring?


You can choose your payment option—whichever fits your budget and needs best.

  • A one-time payment of $111

  • Payment plan of $40 per month, totaling $120


Sneak peek at the e-book!