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“Angie did my reading on facebook live and it was my first time receiving a reading! I was confused at first by her message but when I looked into the skunk totem animal I was shocked how much I related! We all want to see ourselves as dragons and unicorns but sometimes we're a skunk! Sometimes it takes the introspective of someone else to see the things about yourself that you don't want to see.” - Lauren

“Angie is surprisingly accurate and to the point with her readings, I have been to a lot of tarot readers, and none of them quite have the accuracy that she does.” - Sarah

“Angie is such an amazing person and has such a good energy. Her readings are spot on and she makes them very easy to understand. I would highly recommend her!” - Sandy

“I had a 30 minute dig deep reading with Angie and it was very accurate! Angie's energy is incredible, her kindness and intuition shine thru in her words. She helped me find answers and gave me direction to what I was looking for.” - Angie (not GotS Angie!)

“The tarot reading that I got was beautifully spot on. It helped me feel seen and validated in my current situation, while also practical and hopeful for the future.” - @leorisingtarot

“I wanted a reading about my relationship, normally I read for myself but for this issue I was having trouble making sense of what the cards were telling me. Angie, The Literary Witch, was able to give me a reading that really helped me understand and put words to the issues I had been noticing. She was able to break down the meanings of each card and summarize the reading as a whole in a way that was very clear and made perfect sense to me. Her interpretation of the cards also gave me actionable advice that helped me get my relationship back on the right track. I’d highly recommend a reading from Angie; she was accurate, helpful, and kind while still helping me figure my shit out.” - @matchbox_tarot

“I got the fairytale reading. The way Angie tells a story through the cards is unbelievably amazing! She is very intuitive and straightforward with readings. 13/13 would totally recommend to any and all!” - Fox

“Angie is a very tuned in reader and such a joy to work with. She really connects with energies going on and has a genuine interest in getting to the heart of the matter.” - Judith

“Angie is an amazing tarot reader and a very erudite witch.” - Cyndi

“This was my very first reading and Angie was amazing. I feel she called out to me during a live read and hit things that she knew nothing about and was spot on with them. So then I scheduled a reading and omg it was amazing!!! She was so precise with everything and trust me I gave no clues. I definitely will be doing another and my friends love her too!! You were wonderful to talk to Angie and thank you for clearing some things up.” - Paula

“Angie provides a friendly atmosphere and instant rapport. She is thorough in her reading, and doesn't hold back. She will get to the core quickly, but it resonates deeply. Would highly recommend.” - Lari

“Fabulous and fun tarot reading guide!!! Highly recommend if you are ready to hear it like it is, no holds barred, reading extraordinare!” - Nathalie

“she did a one card draw for me..but read me before she drew the card! shes amazing” - Brandy

“ive had a couple online readings from her and she has been so spot on with some of the stuff..she inspires me to keep going..i hope ome day i can be just as good and helpful!” - Jeanie

“Angie, you are very gifted and were able to tap into an issue I’ve been having for awhile. Sometimes it’s nice to know we aren’t alone in this world. If you are looking for answers, you will find those along with compassion and talent right here. Blessed be!” - Kansas

“Angie was "spot on" about pretty much everything! Her "excavating" brought up some interesting things for me to ponder and work on. She is immensely intuitive, laid back and super easy to work with! I doubt this will be the last reading I get from her because she's the real deal!!! Thank you, Angie!!!” - Marcella

“Angie is wonderfully intuitive. My reading with her was really special. I'd never had my cards read before and Angie just had a sense of what the cards were saying and how it fit into my life. I'll definitely be booking another reading soon.” - Nicole

“Angie is a talented tarot reader. She also has an amazing energy about her that makes you feel at ease right away. I’ve done two readings so far with Angie. Each one has been a fantastic experience. She really cares about each reading she does. She takes her time to fully experience the messages she receives from the cards and her guides. She is able to pinpoint exactly what is happening in order to share with you the messages that the cards have to say. She is able to speak with honesty and clarity, so that you can also understand the messages being sent in a way that allows you to see what factors are playing into your life. I look forward to every reading I have with her.” - Kaligh