Who We Are

We are mothers, psychics, and animal-lovers. Survivors of trauma so proud to be thriving. A collective of witches and readers supporting each other and our clients with space and grace—and zero judgement.

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Angie Brown Reiter, Founder

Angie is the founder of Geology of the Soul and is a queer psychic Tarot reader and spiritual coach who cheerleads her clients to their empowered best. She loves the liminal and paradoxes, talking to spirits, snuggling her doggies, and holding space for her clients. Angie is an Aries sun with a Cancer moon and Leo rising. True to her dramatic chart, she loves tattoos and adding to her growing collection.

She’s especially excited for her upcoming group coaching packages, including Intuition 101, Witchcraft 101, and a subversive Thanksgiving-themed Kitchen Witchin’ 101.

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Fox, Admin Assistant & (Newb) Tarot Reader

Fox is a gamer witch, a Daughter of Lilith and an apprentice of Skadi. She has a dedicated space for her astral pet Salamander Azmodeus, gifted to her by Lilith. She is an Airy Libra who enjoys manipulating smoke and fire to her will. Fox is usually in all black—except for her hair.

When she isn't helping out with GotS, you can probably find her either playing League of Legends, working on The Freight Train (1986 GMC Sierra Classic 3500), just chilling with her family, or hyping her friends.

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Serendipity Wyrd, Tarot and Rune Reader

Serendipity Wyrd is an intuitive tarot reader and wrangler of runes. As a Child of Loki, Serendipity comfortably consorts with chaos to conjure forth ideas, inspiration and unorthodox solutions to your challenges. Serendipity Wyrd reads to assist others in healing their hearts, living their truth, and stepping into their authentic selves.

Serendipity is super stoked to bring you the Animal Ally reading, where you can discover the animal spirit that wants to work with you right now and learn how to apply that energy in your life.

A certified yoga instructor, Serendipity finds joy in inspiring others to discover yoga and the value of sitting quietly by oneself and breathing (which some people call meditation).

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Ma’at, Tarot and Oracle Reader

Ma’at is a devotee of Hekate and has chosen to honor the goddess Ma'at by taking Her name as her spiritual name. Since becoming a student of Angie's, Fenrir has made himself known to Ma’at (and Angie!). Sandy has been reading Tarot cards for a year. She also reads Oracle and Lenormand cards, and has branched out to Animal Spirit cards. She is a Pisces and a mother to three witchy kids.

In her free time, she enjoys practicing Tarot with her kids, one of whom is a 7yo amazing oracle reader. Ma’at puts the "craft" in witchcraft and has many hobbies that allow her to express her creative energy.

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