Are you ready to #digdeeper?


Join us to dig deep into your psyche. Through the use of Tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, and energy readings, we can help you understand your story--and how to change it. By pinpointing actionable small steps, we will help you heal old wounds and grow into your authentic self. We can also help you learn how to witch things up!

Angie, the founder of Geology of the Soul, is known for her bubbly and engaging style that also manages to, as one client says, "hand your ass to you." She is thrilled to bring on additional readers who share her passion for helping people, telling it like it is, cheerleading, and F-bombs. You can trust that we are going to give you the truth of a situation--and then cheerlead you through it, helping you find your own unique strengths and way forward.

We are mothers, psychics, and animal-lovers. Survivors of trauma so proud to be thriving. A collective of witches and readers supporting each other and our clients with space and grace—and zero judgement. Learn more about Angie, Serendipity, Ma’at, and Fox.

#digdeeper show!

Lovelies, we are excited to announce that we are going to be offering a weekly show beginning in mid-October on the Geology of the Soul YouTube Channel. The Geology of the Soul team will chat about the monthly divination challenge (October’s is all about spirits!), self-care, and your questions. That’s right: YOUR QUESTIONS! Submit a question for a chance to be featured on the show.

Some of what we offer…

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