Tarot + Energy Readings

Dig Deeper

Join Angie to dig deep into your psyche. Through the use of Tarot cards and energy readings, Angie can help you understand your story--and how to change it. By pinpointing actionable small steps, Angie will help you heal old wounds and grow into your authentic self. She can also help you learn how to witch things up!

Angie is known for her bubbly and engaging style that also manages to, as one client says, "hand your ass to you." With a mouth like a sailor's and a no-holds-barred approach, you can trust that Angie is going to give you the truth of a situation--and then cheerlead you through it, helping you find your own unique strengths and way forward.

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Are you wondering which way to go? What will happen with your job? Your relationship?

As an intuitive energy reader, the tool I use most often to tap into Source is the Tarot. But I will often begin receiving messages even before the cards are dealt. The energy reading you receive will be unique to your energy signature.

I offer readings in-person via video chat or a meeting in Tucson, AZ, or written via email.

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Do you want a monthly dose of Angie-isms in your inbox? Some kick-ass homework to help you continue to develop in your own spiritual and energetic growth?

Memberships vary from one card readings to 10 cards, and I send them out each new moon as a written summary with a photo. Click below to visit my Patreon page and learn more.

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Are you interested in getting in touch with your own intuition? Do you want to be dedicated to your spiritual development? Do you want to learn how to use witchcraft for personal growth?

I will be your personal cheerleader and guide to help you form your regular spiritual practice. We’ll check in with a monthly phone call, and I’ll use an online tracking system to help you create lasting spiritual habits. Each month, we'll add a small task to grow your practice (baby steps!).

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Workshops & Courses

I also offer in-person and online workshops, rituals, spellwork, and more. Contact me for more information and upcoming dates.

  • Lunar RitualCraft Series (four full moon rituals Summer 2019)

  • Intuition 101 (six-week webinar course)

  • Witchcraft 101 (five-week webinar course)

  • Intro to Intuition 101 (in-person workshop in Portland OR!)

  • Kitchen Witchin’ (in-person workshop in Tucson AZ)

  • Candle + Sigil Magick (in-person workshop in Tucson AZ)

  • Tarot 101

  • Tarot 201

  • Intuitive Tarot Storytelling

  • Technowitchery