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Lunar Ritual Craft Series

Full Moon in Scorpio/Water. Saturday, May 18.
Full Moon in Sagittarius/Fire. Sunday, June 16.
Full Moon in Capricorn/Earth. Tuesday, July 16.
Full Moon in Aquarius/Air. Thursday, August 15.


Join Geology of the Soul Tarot, along with The Ninth House, Wandering Raven Wellness, and special guests, as we lead a sacred summer Full Moon series. This Lunar Ritual Craft series will feature one Full Moon Ritual in each of the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Cost is $25 each. Cost includes ritual, supplies, and light snacks. Learn more.

Dig deeper.

“Which way should I go? What’s going to happen with this job? Will I ever find love?”

Hey, I got you! Bring your worries and fears and excitement, and I’ll bring my honest AF assessment of the situation.

Think of me as a geologist. I study your soul’s stratigraphy: the natural and cultural layers of beliefs, actions, and habits that make you YOU. This is your energy. Whether your spirit guides talk to me, your aura flashes, or your inner teenager smacks me upside the head (true story), I interact with you both on the physical realm and other energetic realm(s).

I promise I will always tell it like it is (even if you don’t want to hear it), and I will always send you home with homework. You can’t make things get better if you aren’t willing to face the facts—and then do something about it!

So, let’s DO this: Dig deeper. Learn your stories. And create new ones.